Code Start


The Digital India Initiative and the rise of the startup ecosystem in India have created a huge demand for strong software professionals who are able to transcend beyond academic theory and develop independent technical skill. These software whizkids would have independant logical skills which would help them develop new ideas and easily adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

With this goal in mind, we have developed Code Start, a programme designed for students of grades 8th to 12th who want to get a head start in their quest to become a professional software whiz. This programme is designed to systematically develop logical thinking, problem solving and abstract exploratory skills while building a strong technical foundation of code.

How will you benefit from this course?

  • The program would have an assessment test/project at the end of each course to check the learning progress of the students.
  • Students who successfully complete the assessment/project would get a skill completion certificate.
  • That’s not all, we are also offering some gifted students the chance to experience a month long live internship with in a tech company working on some cool projects.


The code start methodology is blend of theory and practical applications to real world problems and would comprise of academic theory modules, hands on projects, code competitions and a chance to be a part of a live industry internship.


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