Android powers 81% of the world’s smartphones, which accounts for more than 2 billion devices. If you learn android, you learn the language of over 2 billion devices!

Android developer is definitely one of the sought after profiles in today’s world. This course will teach you to build apps from scratch and even deploy it to the Playstore to make it available for whole world.

You will work with Android Studio for developing apps. Learn about activity, intent and its various types and make applications to view image gallery, make use of Broadcast Receiver, Services and server communication.

If becoming an Android developer is your dream, this course will be a step in the right direction of fulfilling it!


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What you'll learn?

Introduction to Android


UI /Animation

Fragments/Tablayout/ Recycler View

Support Library



Content Provider


How to use Camera, Networks, Maps & Sensor


Retrofit Library

Fire Base/ Push Notification

Background Process

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