Digital Marketing Bootcamp For Engineers is a hands-on, classroom-based certificate course, carefully designed for engineers looking to pursue/explore a career in the digital space. We follow a ground-up approach to learning fundamental concepts & analytics tools of online marketing, building it up to understand how campaigns are created, run & optimised for various digital channels.

Through the medium of this course, students will learn search engine optimization, search engine marketing, reporting & analytics, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc. Here, students will also learn the "integrated digital marketing" approach through the concept of optimizing assisted conversions.


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What you'll learn?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • How Online Marketing works
  • Customer Engagement Metrics
  • Understand the "See Think Do" Framework
  • Understand Acquisition channels and conversation metrics
  • Case Study work-through and Identification and setting the work plan for a project
  • Define a monetization strategy and develop an integrated digital marketing framework to accomplish set business goals


Web Analytics

  • What is Digital Analytics?
  • Understand the Web Analytics Process
  • Add Tracking to Your Site
  • Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code & Verify the Google Analytics Code Installation
  • Google Analytics - Detailed demonstration of reporting structure, metrics & dashboards on Google Analytics
  • Understand how to interpret data to draw valuable inferences to achieve set business goals
  • Understand how Google Analytics can be used for better understanding of Consumer Behavior

Search Engine Optimization

  • How do Search Engines Work
  • Basis of SEO Techniques
  • Keywords Analysis
  • SEO On Page Activities
  • SEO Off Page Activities
  • Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Marketing

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Pay-Per Click (PPC)
  • Basics of Paid Search PPC / Search Marketing
  • Key Pillars How to create effective Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Setup Bidding and Budget
  • Campaign monitoring to performance and optimization bid/delivery

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media advantages & other touchpoints
  • Facebook
         Engaging with fans on Facebook and growing organically
         Advertising On Facebook
         Facebook Insights
         Ad Manager On Facebook - Campaign monitoring to performance and optimization bid/delivery
         Instant Articles & Facebook Audience Network
  • Instagram

                  Why We Need Instagram - And a different approach as compared to Facebook!
                  How to grow on Instagram organically
                  Advertising On Instagram - Running Ads & Understanding Ad Formats
                  How to become an Instagram influencer

  • SnapChat Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing and Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing




Email + Content Marketing

  • Permission based marketing
  • Defining your goals
  • E-marketing strategies
  • Working with email templates
  • Content Research
  • Content Discovery & Curation tools

Lead Management + Affiliate Marketing

  • What is lead generation? What are the different methods
  • Best practices in setting up a lead management system
  • How to nurture leads? Case Studies.
  • Strategies to convert leads into users of your platform
  • Growth Management
  • The Lean Marketing framework
  • What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
  • The Different Commission Structures Involved
  • Commission structures & best practices in setting up an Affiliate Program
  • Tracking and Attribution Models
  • Establishing an Affiliate Network for your website
  • How to Sign Up Affiliates for your website