Use your imagination and reason to make robots that perform a wide range of tasks. Robotics at the basics is nothing but, replicating the human chain of thought and intelligence in a practical manner.

Learn how to use the worldwide famous Arduino platform. In this course, you will learn to code in the Arduino programming language.

Robotics as a career option is very lucrative and exciting, this would be the right course to do, if you plan on pursuing robotics or even if it interests you a little bit.

By the end of the course, you will be able to design robots such as Line-follower, Obstacle Avoider, Phototropic and Mobile-controlled robot followed by a competition between the participants.

Advanced robots (e.g. Robotic Arm controlled by servo motors) will be covered for Engineering students.







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What you'll learn?

Getting started

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Working with basic Electronic components
  • Building basic and useful circuits
  • Understanding analog and digital signals

Understanding Robotic components and terms

  • Manipulator
  • End Effecters
  • Actuators/ motors
  • Sensors
  • Controller
  • Software

Understanding Microcontrollers

  • What is a microcontroller?
  • What can a microcontroller do?
  • Specialized features in a microcontroller
  • Getting familiarized with the Arduino Uno board
  • Controlling Digital and Analog I/O pins

Programming the Arduino Uno

  • Software downloading/ Installing and Interface
  • Structure, setup(), loop(), functions
  • Basic code
  • Making a calculator
  • Making a traffic light controller

Using Sensors

  • What can humans sense that robots can't?
  • What can robots sense that humans can't?
  • Types of sensors
  • Interfacing sensors with the Arduino
  • Learning different sensing applications

Assembling a Robot

  • Making the frame
  • Assembling the robot components
  • Connecting motors to Motor Controllers
  • Connecting Batteries to Motor Controller/ micro-controller
  • Connecting motor controllers to micro-controller
  • Connecting sensors to a Micro-controller
  • Communication device to Micro-controller
  • Wheels to motors
  • Electrical components to frame

Programming the robot

  • Detecting sensor inputs
  • Making decisions
  • Controlling the motors
  • Different robotic applications