A fully practical oriented course where one can learn about the various technologies required for Web Development. We start with an indepth coverage of HTML and HTML 5. Then we move on to styling your web pages using CSS. After that, we start adding interactivity to web pages using Javascript. Along the way we will see why XML has a place of its own. Finally we then go to server side scripting language; PHP. Build PHB web applications like an artist using Laravel framework. Apply your python knowledge to web development using Django.


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What you'll learn?


  • Introduction to the web domain
  • Static vs Dynamic (live) web pages
  • HTML - Basic Structure
  • HTML Formatting and Font tags
  • HTML anchors, images, list, tables, frames and forms
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • HTML5 elements


  • Introduction to CSS
  • Embedding CSS in an HTML web page
  • Linking to an external CSS file from an HTML web page
  • Applying CSS using class and id
  • Different CSS elements

Javascript & JQuery

  • Introduction to javascript
  • Embedding javascript in an  HTML file
  • Linking to an external javascript file from an HTML file
  • Javascript Variables, data types, operators
  • Javascript functions
  • Javascript Control flow statements
  • Javascript closures
  • Javascript built in objects
  • Javascript DOM objects
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • JQuery syntax
  • Controlling the DOM through JQuery


  • Introduction to XML and its use
  • Well Formed XML Document
  • Valid XML Document
  • Writing Document Type Definition (DTD) for XML Files
  • Styling XML Documents using XSLT


  • PHP - A Dynamic server side technology
  • PHP variables, data types
  • Control Flow statements
  • PHP Built in functions
  • Form data handling
  • PHP Cookies and Session Management
  • PHP and MySQL Database connectivity
  • Send email using PHP
  • Uploading data in PHP


  •          What are web services
  •         Introduction to SOAP web services
  •        Introduction to REST standards for designing web services


  •             Difference between an HTTPRequest and an XHR Request (ajax request)
  •             Making Ajax request using jquery
  •             Using jquery to read ajax data and manipulate the DOM

Laravel Framework

  •              Installing laravel and the composer
  •             Routes
  •             Views
  •              Controllers
  •             Connecting laravel application to a MySQL database
  •             Query Builder and Eloquent library
  •              Layouting
  •             Form Validation
  •             Using css and javascript in a laravel application Sessions

Django Framework

  •              Installing Django
  •              Templates and Views
  •              Models and databases
  •              Django forms
  •              Sessions