Mehul Chopra is one of the senior most teachers in Neebal learning, he graduated from Fr. Agnel College in 2008 (Computers). In the final year of his engineering, he was placed in a software firm through college. The few months before joining the company, he decided to visit Jude Miranda – who was a mentor and a teacher to him – and started teaching Java in small batches. He also started handling mini java projects. When the call from the company eventually came, he went to work only to realize that his true passion lies in doing both – programming and teaching.

He started working full time for Neebal technology and in parallel taught Advanced Java in Neebal learning.

Now he teaches Android, Hadoop, Web programming and various web frameworks. If you were to ever sit in his lecture, you’ll find yourself amongst superheroes. His style of teaching uses superheroes as mascots and themes for a particular subject. His aim is to make teaching fun and interactive, which is why Hadoop is designed around Spiderman and Android around The Dark Knight.

He is so passionate about programming that he does it even in his free time, which is when he is not dreaming to be like Steve Jobs.