Rohan, after completing his BE from Thadomal Shahani College (TSEC) in Computers, worked in Deloitte India as a software engineer. USA then came calling, he applied for universities in the US and got selected in Carnegie Mellon (CMU) for Information Systems.

He completed his Masters and worked in the US for some time, but he felt something was amiss. That is what brought him back to India. Always intrigued by the mission and vision of Neebal Learning, he decided to be a part of it.

The subjects that he covers are- C, C++ and Data structures. His method of teaching revolves around allowing students the freedom to think critically, which according to him helps in designing real life applications

He can be called an avid TV buff, loves to watch the latest sitcoms from – The Game of thrones to Breaking Bad. In terms of movies, he is a big fan of all the Nolan films.