Our Story


The Accidental Big Bang

Very few people transition from being a research analyst to a teacher, and Jude Miranda was one of them. His exposure to teaching was purely circumstantial, when one of the neighbour’s son had a question in C programming. This way, he realised that teaching was his true passion. He started taking batch of four people and teaching them in a cybercafe.

Pre 2000 – Aug 2000


His style of teaching was getting acclaimed by his students, and was quickly spread by the word of mouth. By Jan 2001, he rented a small office in suburbs of Mumbai and started teaching C/C++ to a batch of 600+ eager students.

Oct 2000- Jan 2001

Growth never stops

The student size kept growing, it had now reached 1500 plus. The small office that was rented was not sufficient enough to handle the students, the obvious shift to a bigger space was inevitable. Bombay Bazar met these requirements.

Jan 2004

Time for Recruitment

The office was now shifted to a place near Andheri Station, Nadco. With the number of students constantly on the rise, he thought of expanding from an Army of One to Many. Part time teachers joined and one of them was Mehul Chopra, who later went on to become one of the core member of the Neebal group. Subjects were also expanded to include Java.

June 2007 – Aug 2009

The start of Neebal

This year marked the birth of Neebal Technologies with a mission to operate as a software consultancy firm.

June 2010

Going International

The team was invited to Singapore by Hi-P International Ltd. for conducting lectures on Android Kernel Development. Hi-P International had acquired Motorola Hardware Ltd. This year was also marked by the start of corporate training by Neebal Learning, which included C, C++, Advanced Java, SQL, Android and J2ME.

June 2013

Approaching the high noon

Neebal learning was now widely acclaimed; its teaching methodology was well known. Expansion in terms of Faculty took place; Courses such as Hadoop and iOS were started. The team started going to colleges for conducting Ethical hacking seminars and workshops. Electronics subjects were also added to the list. These subjects were added to the list with the vision of “Make in India” kept in the back of our minds.

June 2015

Born Again

This landmark year was marked by the rebranding of Neebal Learning as Kossine to reflect the growth it had achieved. A new design, a new outlook and a new everything. Our new vision also includes creating and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Jan 2016

Digitizing Education

Neebal Learning revolutionized the EdTech domain by launching its flagship product Bloombench.com - a platform that redefines e-learning making it a fully immersive and interactive process for both students and professors. It allows learning through a live two-way communication with professors guiding you in real time as you code your way.

May 2017